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Commitment Ceremony - Jay Langhurst and Daniel Klingler, March 3, 2006

Our Honeymoon - March 2006 (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, London

   - Madhuri & Jose Wedding - May 2004
   Older travel journals from Europe...
            - Barcelona - September 2002

            - Amsterdam - Sept - Oct 2002

            - Paris - Oct 2002
            - London - Nov 2002

   - Keri Leemkuil's Hudson Dance Academy Recital - May 2003
   - JR Burch and Stephanie Beneke Wedding - May 2003

   - Wood National Cemetery - August 2002
   - A trip to Minneapolis - July 2002
   - Rebecca Stephens and Brian Falcasantos Wedding - July 2002
   - Brad and Alison Kattelmann Wedding - May 2002

   - A visit to my Grandparent's House - September 2001
   - New York City - July 2001

   - Creighton/Omaha - Fall 2000 photos

Hello, welcome to the home page of Jay Langhurst. The purpose here would be to learn more about me I suppose, so take a look to the left and choose a section that you think would be interesting. If you're looking for panoramic photos of Creighton and such, try the old version of my personal web site. If you have any questions, comments or just feel like writing another e-mail today, send one my way.

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